CBDBIOVET | Companion Animal CBD
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CBD BioVet is the global leader in innovative and affordable cannabidiol (CBD) medications for companion animals.

Our patented, patent pending and proprietary technologies provide the widest range of veterinary CBD treatment options available today.

Time Release

CANNIRA-TR™ is a THC free, bi-layer CBD tablet that incorporates both immediate and 12 hour sustained release technologies.

Site Specific Release

CANNIRA-SS™ is a THC free, CBD tablet that incorporates site specific delivery technology that releases CBD in the colon only.

Immediate Release

CANNIRA-L™ is a THC free, liquid CBD. It contains water soluble CBD for increased absorption and greater bioavailability.



Our CANNIRA™ medications provide therapeutic solutions to virtually every CBD delivery or dosing challenge. In fact, we deliver CBD to areas of the body that other CBD medications can’t reach.

Our core specialty is 12 Hour Time Release (TR) and Site Specific Release (SS) of CBD. Our 12 hour time release tablets slowly and consistently release CBD for 12 hours while our unique site specific technology uses a novel combination of ingredients that release CBD in the colon only (the site specific tablet remains intact until it enters the colon where the surrounding pH causes the tablet to quickly dissolve, releasing the entire CBD dose).

We also invest heavily in R&D and companion animal clinical trials to further our knowledge and understanding of CBD and its potential veterinary applications.